Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Just wanted to wish you all a very healthy and safe Holidays! I will be posting more often on this blog by next year. Also I will be getting back into youtube. I've been slacking badly! That will be my New Year resolution. Hopefully I stick to it! lol

If your wondering about those delicious looking cookies, yes I made them and I will post the recipes up on my blog soon!


Thursday, December 20, 2012

Birchbox: December 2012


I feel like I've been receiving my Birchbox late for the past 4 months now. I see everyone's box before my But I'm grateful to see one in my mailbox every month.

Well here's the last Birchbox of the year. Hopefully you will see one next month, if the world doesn't end tomorrow! >.<

Cartier Baiser Vole Eau de Parfum
This is a floral fragrance parfum with a note of flower lily. I haven't tested this parfum yet but I'm sure it smells lovely.

Mox Botanicals Pomegranate & Fig Lip Butter
This lip butter is made with shea butter, jojoba, and other natural hydrators. Claims there are no parabens, chemical preservatives, or harmful additives. Seems to be soothing on dry, chapped lips.

Number 4 Clarifying Shampoo
I love using clarifying shampoos once a week. It helps with product buildup, which I have a lot of. Leaves your hair feeling less dull and fresh. I'm giving this one a try this weekend!

theBalm Cosmetics Hot Mama
Hello Mama! This is a gorgeous peachy-pink blush with subtle golden shimmer. This blush can also be wore as a highlighter on the cheek bones. I've been wanting to give this a try!

AHAVE Dermud Enriched Intensive Foot Cream 
If you have dry, cracked soles then this foot cream is for you! This cream is
rich with mineral complex such as Dead Sea mud to help with dryness. I've tried this before and loved it!

Cartier Declaration d'un Soir
Referred as "king of fragrances". Layers of pepper, sandalwood, and rose this toilette is bold and rich. This is such an alluring fragrances. I couldn't help but test it out my self. Will be giving this to the BF, hopefully he'll use it, if not then I will! 

Well that's all for now! Time to get into the kitchen and start preparing my cookie dough for Christmas.

Happy Holidays!


Thursday, December 6, 2012

Deep Burgundy with Gold & Sliver Glitter Reverse French Nails


How's everyone's Christmas shopping going so far? I haven't even gotten started! I'm most likely going to shop on Amazon, since I do the 2-day free shipping with Amazon Prime. What's on your wishlist this year? I did a post a few days ago on my wishlist for 2012 {link here}. 

Anyways I have a nails of the day for you guys! Seems like it's been forever since I posted a NOTD. The last one was a month ago. If you wanna check that out {click here}! The one I have for you guys are a reverse french nails. It was my first time doing a reverse manicure, I think it came out pretty neat!

Products I used for this reverse french nail are...

Sall Hansen Color Quick in Gold Chrome

Essie Nail Lacquer in Carry On {more swatches here!}


Wet n Wild Nail Glitter Nail Polish in Fireworks {picture above}

I also used a dotting tool to help me achieve that rounded shape.

I love this reverse look and I think I will try with other colors. If you have trouble achieving this look, no worry's because there's lots of picture and video tutorials out there, all you have to do is search!

How are you wearing your nail today?


Monday, December 3, 2012

Holiday Wishlist 2012

Beautysets - Christmas 2012 Wishlist!

It's that time of year again! Can you believe that the year is almost over?! I don't know about you but Holiday shopping can be extremely stressful. I try to avoid shopping at department stores this time of year. I know I'm missing out on the holiday shopping experience but that's okay for me. I always have Amazon! One of the great things about shopping on Amazon; beside the free shipping on certain items, I love how easily it is to add items to your wishlist. My wishlist is so long that I have folders for every category. haha 

 I thought I should share with you all my top items on my wishlist this year!

 Ozeri Zenith Professional Digital Kitchen Scale
It's always best to weight ingredients when baking. So I thought this one would be excellent for measuring flour, sugar, cocoa, etc.

I love this cleansing face wash! I've been using Philosophy skin care products for years. It works best with my combination skin. I'm in need for a refill!

Cuisnart Food Processor
I've had this one on my wishlist for some time now. As some of yous know I' am a baker, so I love to grind my own ingredients. The first thing I would process is almonds, to make almond flour for macarons. Plus I'm in love this turquoise color!

Dr Martens 1460
I don't know what it is about these boots but I love them! I think they look so cool and I know I can rock them. I love this cherry red color too!

Levis Demi Curve Skinny Jeans
I love dark wash skinny jeans. I think they go great with just about anything. I also think they would go cool with the Dr Martens.

I have been wanting this palette for the LONGEST! I've heard so many great reviews, plus tutorials on this baby. I'm loving that this palette has a whole row of mattes! As much as I love my Naked palette, I' am getting sick of I need something new, and this will do!

AE Fair Isle Sweater Coat
This sweater is so beautiful. I love the detailing and the knotted fringe trim, so cute! This will definitely keep me warm this winter.

Here's to hoping my boy friend reads this post! ^_~

What's on your wishlist this year?

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