Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy 2011!

Wishing my followers a Happy New Year! Hope you guys are having a wonderful New Years! I'm just going to sit at home and watch the ball drop. So my New Years is going to be pretty
I don't know about you guys but I don't really make New Years Resolutions, cause I can't seem to keep one. But I was thinking that this year, 2011 I will try my best not to break one...haha This year I will blog more and get started on making more videos for you guys! I don't have many followers but I'm really thankful for the ones I have and hoping this year to make new friends! ^.^

                                          Happy New Years!
haha Thought this would make you laugh!

 How are you kicking in the New Year?

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

I know its late but I wanted to wish my readers a Merry Christmas! I had a great time with my love ones. Even though it was a broke Christmas just being around family & friends is all that matters to me! 

I made Christmas Cookies for my family this year. Made Gingerbread Men and Sugar Roll-Out Cookies. They came out pretty good and they devour them all! 

My boyfriend got me two of my favorite Mangas. Nana and Dengeki Daisy! He got me an extra one of the same book so I have to return it to the UPS store tomorrow. (he's a last minute shopper...haha) I got him Jack Black Core Collection. It's a three piece shave and skincare set. He loves it so far! So I'm happy he's happy. Also his parents got me Penguin PJ's and a Gift Certificate to a Pure Spa! Can't wait to use that!

I'll leave you guys with some pics! Hope you all enjoyed your Christmas! and let me know how yours was?
Smokey couldn't wait to open his present!
Gingerbread Men & Sugar Cookies, Candy Canes and X-Mas Trees.

Nana & Dengeki Daisy!
Merry Christmas Everyone!

This year I'm very grateful to my readers, I don't blog much but I'm hoping for more readers this year! ^_^

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sinful Nails

I'm loving the Sinful Colors Nail Polish line. Reasons why I like them is cause there cheap (about $1.99 at Rite Aid) There's lots of colors to choose from, some pigmented than others. But that's what you get for the price! I was getting into the Christmas spirit and decided to paint them a blue/greenish color and the glitter on the tips of my nails.

Leave you guys with some pics!
The colors match the Peacock feather!
The colors are really pretty!
Nail Junkie (Glitter) & Stormy (Nail Polish)
Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Chocolate Overdose Cake!

I made a chocolate cake for my birthday a few days back. The title is actually the name of the Thought I should share with you chocolate lovers out there what goodness and joy this cake will bring. This is a great cake to make for the holidays, everyone will love it, chocolate lovers that is. When I ate a slice of this cake, I thought I died and gone to chocolate heaven! haha It has 3 layers of goodness. 

First layer (bottom) starts with a Brownie recipe. Second (middle) Chocolate Mousse. Third (top) Chocolate Cake! And the finishing topping is Chocolate Ganache!!! 

That's all I have to say, The pictures will speak for them selves! 
Yummy goodness in every slice!
Thanks for Reading!
Got the recipe from Annie Eats Blog.

Monday, December 6, 2010

The Season For Giving!

So there's lots of tutorials out there on holiday makeup looks. From smokey eyes to natural looks. Smokey eyes would go great if your going to any holiday party's. Neutral looks are great for work. Seems like everyone is getting into the Holiday cheer! I saw a holiday nail tutorial on you tube a few days ago. MissChievous, one of my favorite gurus made a really cute Christmas Giftwrap Nails. I will have the link down below.

Anyways this is my attempt on recreating this nail look!

Sorry the flash was too much!

I used:
Wet & Wild nail polish in Jezebel 
Sinful Colors in San Francisco
Kiss Brush-On nail art (white)
*I didn't have any jewels for the center so I just added a glitter nail polish.

Sorry pic a bit blur
I think I did a pretty good job! I used polishes that are super cheap...hee hee

If you want to recreate this holiday nail look watch MissChievous! She does a better job than me! ^.^ Link below.

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Late Thanksgiving Post!

This is a late Thanksgiving post. Hope you guys had a wonderful dinner with your love ones. I had a good time with family and friends. I wanted to share some pics of the desserts that I made for Thanksgiving and also my makeup look for that day.

For Thanksgiving I made Pumpkin Cheese Cake, Pumpkin Bread and Brownies. They were all so yummy, everyone enjoyed them!


Pumpkin Bread
Pumpkin Cheese Cake

Here are some pics of the eye look I did for that day! I used 3 of the Coastal Scents 88 palettes. Ultra Shimmer, Metal Mania and the Warm palette. Used golds, plums and browns.

Thanks for reading and I will be posting the recipes soon!

Happy Holidays! ^.^

Sunday, October 31, 2010

If You Love Pumpkin...

Then you'll love this recipe! 

For Halloween I made Iced Pumpkin Cookies. I got this recipe online. Wonderfully, delicious pumpkin cookies I've tried by far! I love pumpkin but I think my boyfriend loves pumpkin more then He looks forward to this time of the year because around this time I would come up with all kinds of pumpkin recipes. He mainly loves pumpkin pie. So when I bake a pie I would have to bake two, cause he would devour a whole He's a pumpkin hog!  

Anyways here some pics.
God there so good, I'm about to eat some more. But I will not leave you guys without this recipe. So here it is!

Thanks for reading & please do let me know how you enjoy this recipe!

Happy Halloween!!

Hope your Halloween is just as boring as mine! jk No but this Halloween blows. I was so bored that I decided to put on some makeup. This is my everyday makeup look! Hope you enjoy it!

Just kidding again! I'm being silly. This is a look I really enjoyed doing. A Ganguro look. Ganguro makeup looks were very popular in Japan around the year 2000. I really love this look, I just might do this Ganguro look again. Maybe I'll make it as a video one day. It's real easy to do and you just need a few cosmetic items like dark foundation, white cream liner, white & black shadow, mascara and a few stickers.

Here's a list of items I used for this look:
Stile Sun in shade 2
Coastal Scents Camo Quad in Light
Coastal Scents 88 Warm Palette, black & white eyeshadow
Stile All Over Shimmer shade 1
Any cute stickers like flowers or hearts will do!

I look super Kawaii ^.^

Have a fun & safe Halloween!

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hello I'm a Mac!

I just wanted to update you all on why I haven't really been blogging or making any new videos lately...It all started when my Gateway laptop was dying from old age. 

My dad had passed down this laptop a few years back and I was so in love with it, still am! This was kinda like my first huge PC. I've had desktops before but never a mobile computer, ever! I've enjoy this baby for what seem like such a short amount of time. My boyfriend (who is a PC nerd! lol) said to me, "that's just how laptops are, they never really last a long time." So my Gateway was running really slow. At times it wouldn't let me go online. Tried reformatting it and all, but it still wasn't giving. I guess you can say it was burning out. Or running out of 9 To keep the story short, I have a Mac Book Pro! YAY!

My boy friend was so sweet to surprise me for our anniversary with this huge gift. I was so shocked that I didn't even get to lay my Gateway in I'm so excited to learn the differences with PC vs. Mac. Such a huge change but I'm so happy! Now I get to make more videos and update my blog often.

The only problem that I've encounter is my Mac Book freeze on me twice. Once when I opened up iPhoto, but that lasted for a few seconds and Today when I was on Fire Fox. I had to shut the power off and restart my computer. I also checked for any errors on my hard drive. It seem like everything was fine after that. I was informed a head of time that Mac's tend to freeze a lot. So I know what I'm getting myself into. Has this happen to anyone before? I just hope it really doesn't happen often.

I will leave here with a pic!

Thanks for reading!


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Having more fun with...

The Naked palette! I' am just lovin' Urban Decay's Naked Palette! I never thought I would love neutral colors so much. I was always wearing bright looks, but now all I wanna wear is neutrals! lol What I love the most about this palette is that you can never go wrong! I think in my opinion, neutral colors are easier to pull. It's good for when you work or play. You can always tone up a look using the naked palette. Just pop a little bit of a darker color to the outer crease. Like Darkhorse, Hustle or Creep. 

Here is a look I did using this palette!

1. As always prime my lids with udpp. (Urban Decay Primer Potion)
2. Apply Sin for all over lid color. 
3. Darkhorse to the inner crease and a little pass the crease.
4. Next I wanted Darkhorse to pop so I applied Creep in the outer crease area.
5. Used Virgin as a high light color, also for my inner tear duct area.
6. Darkhorse and Creep lower lash line. 
7. Line eyes with 24/7 Zero pencil liner, tigh line both upper and lower lash  line. 
8. Set Zero liner with Creep shadow. 

I know it might seem like a lot of steps but really it isn't. It was a real quick look for me.

For mascara I used L'oreal Voluminous. By far Favorite mascara!!!
Thanks for reading! ^.~

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

UD Naked Palette Look! (Pic Heavy)

Here's a look I did using the Urban Decay Naked Palette. On my lids I used Buck, I applied that to my whole lid to crease. On my crease I used Dark Horse and to the outer crease, Creep. To blend and control the color, I blended with Naked and used Virgin for my brow bone and inner corner. I lined my upper lash line and tight line with zero and used a bit of the brown liner, in Whiskey on my lower lash line. Mine you that this was my first time using this palette and I was in a rush, so it may not look so great but I'll try better next time! hehe

Thanks for stopping by and reading!   


Monday, August 9, 2010

Urban Decay Naked Palette!

Man it's been a while! I guess the reason I haven't updated is cause I have nothing to update. This summer, so far has been very boring. I haven't done crap this whole damn summer! Maybe it's cause I have no money in me pockets! lol But the summer isn't over yet so maybe I'll find something fun to do soon! 

Any who, the reason for this update is to let you guys, (who ever is reading this blog, besides That I got the Urban Decay Naked Palette, like the title didn't give it away...hehe Yeah I got it like a week ago. I've been planing on purchasing it since it came out but every time I check online for it, it's sold out. So finally Sephora had it in stock, and I jump on it! I haven't used it yet, cause I've been feeling sick, but I plan on using it soon. And also I wanna make some tutorials on using this palette. So far from the looks of it, I'm going to love it! Can't wait to feel better soon so I can use it!

Also quick update, I plan on making some more videos real soon. Thinking of making Back To School videos on hair and makeup! So look out for that!

Okay I'll leave you with some pics!
Here's where you can get it... 

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Coastal Scents Combo Set!

I received an e-mail from about there deal on Friday. They were doing these deals with Combo Sets. There Gel Liner's were buy 2 and get 1 free. They also had the Combo Set 1, which included the 88 Ultra Shimmer Palette, and the 88 Metal Mania Palette. The last Combo Set (2) had the 88 Warm Palette, 10 Piece Professional Blush Palette and the Rich Volume Mascara. You basically save a few bucks with these deals. So I jumped on it! Who wouldn't?...if you have the 88 palettes then you know what I mean! If you don't you should get them! There super rich, very pigmented shades. With these 88 eye shadow palettes a little goes a long way! With some of these palettes you get a mix of matte and satin colors with some shimmer. I own some of these palettes, like the 88 makeup palette (matte), 88 warm palette and the 10 piece blush palette. 

The set I ordered was Combo Set 1. I can't wait to receive it in the mail! I heard a lot of pros and cons about the Metal Mania palette. Some reviews say that some of the colors on the 88 MMP are chalky so you have to pat on the color carefully or else your left with lots of fall out. Also some color are very delicate to the touch, so you have to be extra careful with some of these colors. But after all this I still wanna try it out! I also can't wait to try out the 88 USP!

I may be posting this late so sorry but you can also check back with for any more exciting steals! 

I will post an update when I receive my order.

Thanks for reading!

                                            Gel Liners: Buy 2 get 1 Free!          
                                                  Combo Set 1
                                                  Combo Set 2

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hey Guys!

Just wanted to let you all know that you can follow me on Twitter! I had a twitter account before but I deleted it and wanted to start anew! So if you want just follow me on there too! 

Link Below!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sephora Haul!

When I think Sephora hauls I think big! Yeah well this one is small. A few weeks ago, I went to sephora to get me some tweezers. The ones I was using before weren't plucking my facial hairs all too well. They were the Lacross ones, the comfort grip. I had for over a year. Pretty good for drug store tweezers and cheap! But I needed something different for a change so I got the Tweezerman tweezers. Which cost me about $23. I know WOW why so much for just a pair of tweezers? Does it come with anything else? No! lol But dammit there were the best tweezers for my thick coarse hairs! They even help pluck a way ingrown hairs. Which I have a lot of and the LaCross tweezers just weren't cutting it for me. But unfortunately I lost the ones I bought at the Sephora store. So I order me another pair online! This time I got the petite tweezer set in glitter pink. (so cute) and they work just as great as the one I lost. Overall there really great tweezers, they get the stubborn hairs and they last a long time. You can also get them repaired of replaced. I will leave some links down below.

Also got some free samples so YAY! lol

Plus got a free beauty insider birthday gift for the bf!

Where I got them!

Tweezerman site!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I feel like it's been so long since I uploaded a video on you tube. I think 8 months...WOW I really need to get back into it, so I uploaded a new video! I wanted to show people what I usually do with my curly hair, and what products I use. (which is just one!) I used to use 3 hair styling products but I slowly found out that all I needed to use was just one! Because I was getting way too much build up in my hair, and also my hair has changed from dry to oily. So in this video I used Garnier Fructis Style, Sleek & Shine Ant-Humidity Smoothing Milk. I know the name is so long but that's what it does, it also helps with frizz control. It has light to medium hold. But I would still use a frizz serum or frizz cream with this product. If you have really frizzy, dry and out of control hair then I think you should use something more stronger like gel or mousse!

So watch the video and let me know what you think and please leave me some fee back!

for reading!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cherry Culture Haul!

*Sorry I haven't updated in a But not that anyone cares, I'm alive and well...hee hee
Any-who...It's been a while since I shopped for makeup so here is a little haul. To me 10 items isn't The name says it all!

I purchased my order from It was
my first order with this site. So first off I have to say it was pretty fast shipping. I ordered on a Monday and just received my package today. I had to order above $40 to receive free shipping, but that was not a problem because I had already plan on spending about $40. Everything I ordered was NYX Cosmetics. So far I'm happy with it all!
Here are the pics!

Out of the box

10 Color Eyeshadow Palette in Jazz Night & Champagne & Caviar

Jazz Night

Champagne & Caviar

NYX Round Lipstick in Chaos & Tea Rose
NYX Girls Round Lip gloss in Pink & Peach
NYX Mega Shine Lip gloss in Beige & Tea Rose

NYX Powder Blush in Peach

NYX Concealer in Light
Finally some swatches!
Jazz Night

Champagne & Caviar

Blush, Lipstick and Lip gloss swatches
(Left) Blush in Peach, (top row) Lipstick in Tea Rose, Mega Shine Lip gloss in Beige & Tea Rose (bottom) Lipstick in Chaos, Girls Round Lip gloss in Peach & Pink

So far happy with this purchase. Everything is very pigmented and smooth. From what I can tell from the swatches, the eye shadows are very creamy. Can't wait to try them out. I already have a few of the Lipsticks so I know they wont last very long, but that's okay because I don't mine reapplying. I think I will be wearing Tea Rose a lot. Love that color! The concealer seem pretty creamy too. I heard it was comparable to MAC Studio Finish Concealer. So I hope it will cover up my under eye dark circles.
You can find all this on

When I do a look with this I will post pics!
I will leave you with my cat bandit trying to get in the box!

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