Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sephora Haul!

When I think Sephora hauls I think big! Yeah well this one is small. A few weeks ago, I went to sephora to get me some tweezers. The ones I was using before weren't plucking my facial hairs all too well. They were the Lacross ones, the comfort grip. I had for over a year. Pretty good for drug store tweezers and cheap! But I needed something different for a change so I got the Tweezerman tweezers. Which cost me about $23. I know WOW why so much for just a pair of tweezers? Does it come with anything else? No! lol But dammit there were the best tweezers for my thick coarse hairs! They even help pluck a way ingrown hairs. Which I have a lot of and the LaCross tweezers just weren't cutting it for me. But unfortunately I lost the ones I bought at the Sephora store. So I order me another pair online! This time I got the petite tweezer set in glitter pink. (so cute) and they work just as great as the one I lost. Overall there really great tweezers, they get the stubborn hairs and they last a long time. You can also get them repaired of replaced. I will leave some links down below.

Also got some free samples so YAY! lol

Plus got a free beauty insider birthday gift for the bf!

Where I got them!

Tweezerman site!


  1. just discovered your blog :)
    nice haul

  2. Dammit Liz! Remind me to give you a call before I go makeup shopping! You really know your shit! Oh and your blog is delicious!

  3. Yea!, I finally figured out how to follow blogs! (Am I special or what!?) Took me a while, but, better late than never! Love Ya!


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