Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Chocolate Overdose Cake!

I made a chocolate cake for my birthday a few days back. The title is actually the name of the cake...lol Thought I should share with you chocolate lovers out there what goodness and joy this cake will bring. This is a great cake to make for the holidays, everyone will love it, chocolate lovers that is. When I ate a slice of this cake, I thought I died and gone to chocolate heaven! haha It has 3 layers of goodness. 

First layer (bottom) starts with a Brownie recipe. Second (middle) Chocolate Mousse. Third (top) Chocolate Cake! And the finishing topping is Chocolate Ganache!!! 

That's all I have to say, The pictures will speak for them selves! 
Yummy goodness in every slice!
Thanks for Reading!
Got the recipe from Annie Eats Blog.


  1. Happy belated! =D If I were any good in the kitchen, I'd bake my own cake too! Omg, that is decadent...


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