Monday, August 31, 2009

Virgin...Yeah I know!

So this is official! I have a Yeah I know I'm a bit late but who cares! Well what should I write here...hmm...Oh I know maybe I should write a lil about myself...

My name is Elizabeth but you guys can call me Liz for short. I'm 28 and from New York City, Bronx. I go to LaGuardia Community College for my G.E.D (Yeah I didn't finish High School, so kids stay in school!) I want to become a Pastry Chef, so after I get my G.E.D I want to go to either the French Institute of Culinary Arts or The Art Institute of Culinary Arts. They might sound the same but there not. I might have to do some more research on both schools. I start my classes September 21. Yay! I can't wait! I don't have a job at the moment. I need to get off my lazy butt and start looking for Yeah I know where is my motivation?

Well I guess that's about all for now! I'll try to up-date more offend.


  1. Elizabeth I'm so happy that u do all things u r very creative. I love wat u do the makeup, the hair, the nails and the pasties that is so cool. I wish I had talent like u and I always wish u the best cousin with all my heart. Keep doing the good job. Good luck with everything and may all ur dream come true. Love ur cousin Susana.

  2. Aww...Thank you so much! I really appreciate what you said and I also wish for the best for you and your family! I will keep doing what I'm doing! Thanks for the comment! :)

  3. You are very welcome cousin and I always will wish u the best and Good Luck. So take care of your self and also ur family. Tell them that I love and miss them too.


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