Sunday, September 20, 2009

Chi is my new HG!

So I just uploaded a new video on my youtube channel. It's a video on how I straighten my hair with the Chi Flat Iron. My hair is really curly, and frizzy, so this works really well with my hair type. The only con is that it takes me so damn long to flat iron it. I guess cause I have a lot of But other then that I love it.

This is the results after (sorry I don't have a before pic, just watch the video below)

How is what I used:

Before I use any type of heat on my hair
I use Chi Silk Infusion. It protects my hair from the heat and also it makes it much easier to straighten it out, plus it leaves my hair feeling silky smooth!

Chi Ceramic Flat Iron

When I'm done I use Biosilk Silk Therapy. This also leaves my hair feeling silky smooth and it smells so good!

Here is where you can found these items:

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