Monday, March 26, 2012

Revlon ColorBrust Lip Butters

Yes, the title is correct. Once again another post on Revlon ColorBrust Lip Butters! I just couldn't stop myself from buying some more.

If you didn't read my last post on these babies then (click here) to view lip swatches.

The shades I picked up were Cupcake and Pink Truffle.

I've been eying these shades when I purchase the other 4 lip butters, but I had to limit myself to only 4. So I waited again for them to go on sale and they did. I'm glad I picked up these two!


 Cupcake is a light gorgeous baby pink.  Goes on a little sheer, which is great for me cause I can control how much color I want on my lips. The lasting power on Cupcake isn't so great. So be prepare to reapply as needed. I'm loving the shine on these lip butters. The only thing I don't like is how it settles on the lines on my lips. But over all it's a beautiful color!

Pink Truffle

Pink Truffle looks reddish brown in the tube but once applied on my lips it's more of a mauve-y pink color. It has a nice shine and very pigmented. This color holds up well for me and it's one of my favorite colors. I tend to grab this color more then the others out of the bunch!

The packaging of these Lip Butters are quite cute. I'm digging the quilted cap that's translucent. Each cap is set to match the color of the Lip Butters, and also the tops are clear so it easier to see the color of the Lip Butters inside.

Over all they have great pigmentation and lots of colors to choose from. I'm pretty much guessing I'll be purchasing more colors soon! 

What do you think of these Revlon ColorBrust Lip Butters?


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  1. haha, i'm such a dork. I love these so much I always love to read new reviews/see new swatches even though I've got almost every color :P


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