Sunday, September 4, 2011


Here we go! Nails of the week time! 

I like to update my nail polish about every week! From time to time I let my natural nails breathe a bit. ^_^

In the below pic are the polishes that I used...I bought two new nail polishes, a white and a glitter polish. They were both $1.99 at Rite Aid. The glitter polish came with a top coat.

What I Used:
Seche Vite Base & Top Coat
Sinful Colors in Snow Me White 1 (3 coats)
Sinful Colors in Pearl Harbor 142 (1 coat)
Wet n Wild in Party of Five Glitter 238c (3 coats)

The white polish is what I used for my Panda nails. It has pretty good pigmentation.

The glitter polish not so much. Really didn't like this one! I thought it would pack on the glitter, but it ends up making my nails look bubbly. It's pretty though...I saw that Milani had a glitter polish like this one, maybe I'll try that one out next!

One of my favorite glitter nail polishes is Sinful Colors in Pearl Harbor! It's such a pretty glitter color and it's not an over bearing glitter. It's goes on nice and light. You can tell from the above picture that I use it a lot! lol Need to buy more! I also saw that they had a pink one too! This color would look awesome on top of a darker nail color.

As soon as summer is done and over with, and the weather starts getting much cooler, I will be posting more FOTD. I don't usually wear makeup much in the summer time cause of the heat. I just can't stand it. Plus I'm a winter baby! haha I love fall and spring too.

I've been looking at youtube videos on marble nails, and I wanna try that out next! So look out for that post!
Thanks for reading!



  1. Very cute. This kinda reminds me of X'mas! =D I think it's the glitter. Looking forward to your marble nail post!


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