Wednesday, October 12, 2011

NOTW ~ Orange Halloween Candy

Getting my nails ready for Halloween! 

Halloween is almost here and I wanted to do something simple. Didn't want to make any kind of nail art yet! I have something planned for next NOTW, so look out for that post! So I just painted them two colors that's all. I love these two colors! There really nicely bright and shimmering! (Excuse the mess around my nails, I didn't have time to clean up, wanted to get this up for today!)

What I used:
Sinful Colors in Big Daddy 850 (4 coats)
Wet n Wild Fastdry in Orange 222C (2 coats)
Seche Clear & Vite (base & top coat)

Over all I think these two colors are super pretty! The Wet n Wild nail polish is my favorite out of the two, really nice and shimmering!

I think my nails are ready for Halloween what do you think?

(The above pictures were taken with flash and below without flash.)

Hope you guys are enjoying your day!

Thanks for reading!



  1. the shimmer and creme make me think of candy corn for some reason!

  2. Hello back to you in NYC! ;) Omg, you're so lucky that you can wear orange. Orange looks terrible on me. T_T Totally awesome for Halloween! :D

  3. LOVE THIS! But orange looks terrible on me so I cant try it :(

  4. So pretty!!! Orange flatters your skintone so well =D

    Big Daddy has such a nice creamy sheen, love the finish!


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