Sunday, August 19, 2012

Inferno Gradient Maze

Hey Guys! How was your weekend so far? I got to visit my family and bring them some yummy cookies, that I made on Friday. It was by far the "Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe EVER!" Oh and that's the name of the recipe too. I will leave a link right {here}, if you wanna check out that recipe. Planing on making them again, that's how good they are!

Okay so now on to my NOTD. I got my idea for this Inferno Gradient Maze nail art from a blog called Chalkboard Nails. I must say her version was way better than mines! I love her blog, she does such great designs on her nails. 

This was my first time attempting this nail art. I think I need more practice. I also need a better nail brush to achieve finer lines. But for my first time it came out nice. The nail polishes I used were both Wet n Wild colors. One a fastdry and the other a Wild Shine. {Orange & Jezebel} I cut a piece of sponge as the shape of my nails to attain the gradient effect.

If you wanna try out Gradient Nails but not so sure on how to accomplish them, well then visit this blog, The Nailasaurus. Her Gradient Nails Picture Tutorial helped me a long the way! 

Look out for more Gradient Nails!


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