Saturday, August 25, 2012

Cotton Candy Gradient Nails

Happy Weekend!

This weekend or basically this month and September is going to be busiest for my boy friend and I. We're planning on moving out of the city. After 8 years, finally getting a place of our own. I know what your thinking, 'what took you guys so long?' lol Three of the reasons being money, waiting for the right time and looking for a good place. Living in the city is getting to be too expensive. So praying that living upstate will go well for us! While taking a break on packing I squeezed in some time to make a NOTD!

Here's my second attempt at achieving gradient nails. I must say, I think I did better this second round! I'm getting the hang of it. It was very easy to follow Nailasaurus: Gradient Nails Picture Tutorial. These are two of my favorite color combinations. Together they both remind me of cotton candy. As a kid I used to love the cotton candies at the carnivals. It kinda makes me miss going to carnivals...

The colors I used are both from Color Club Nail Lacquer. He Loves Me (pink) & Blue-Ming (green-turquoise). I used a light nude color as the base. Finished it off with a mattifying top coat (NYC Matte Me Crazy). Which I love! I just realize I didn't to do 'He Loves Me' NOTD...Oops!

Let me know what colors would be awesome for a Gradient Nail Effect?



  1. Love the pastels! This reminds me of sherbet ice cream. XD Good luck on the move!

  2. This is so gorgeous, Elizabeth! I love the combination of colors :)

  3. Super Cute!!! Good Luck on the move!! :o)

  4. This is the prettiest gradient color combo I've seen, I just love it :D I hope you have a smooth move out of the city.

  5. I really love these nails!

  6. thanks for sharing.

  7. this is absolutely fabulous!! great work :))


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