Saturday, November 16, 2013

Oh My Where Have I Been?...

Hey, remember me? Yeah I have been away from some time now. Being honest, one of the main reasons why I haven't updated is cause I felt like no one was really reading my blog. Well to be completely honest I had a few readers, and I very much appreciate my readers. I just really needed that break. I just felt like I had nothing to blog about, until now.

I have been so busy with life, moving completely away from family and finding a new job. Living with the b/f after 10 years of being together. Moving out of his parents place and into a place of our own. Which by the way feels sooooooo much better! Feels so good to be on my own and to walk around in my under, whenever I feel like it! lol Does anyone else do that?

I'm really enjoying life on my own. Having responsibilities, paying bills. I may sound crazy but it just feels so damn good! I actually even enjoy my job! 

Okay besides all that I have been trying to keep up with my youtube channel. I will link my videos down below if your interested. 

Well until next time! :)


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