Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hi! My Name is Liz...

And I'm obsessed with nail polish!

The moment you know you hit rock bottom is when the sales clark at CVS tells you about up coming nail polishes. Not only that, but points out that your always buying them and knows how much you love them! lol

Anyways there's some new displays out from NYC color. They had a whole bunch of new makeup and nail polishes out. I didn't need any new makeup cause I have plenty. But I don't seem to have "enough" nail They had a bunch of nice colors but this one color just stood out to me plus I don't own a color like this.

The color is in Persistent Putty. It cost $2.49. (prices may vary, depending were you live) It kinda looks like the color of mud, but  Also It kinda looks like it has purple to it. I think the color is alwsome!

It states that it's up to 7 day wear. This is the second day and so far the color hasn't chip. Maybe it's my Seche Vite, well see! ^_~

Well let me know below what your obsessed with at the moment?


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