Thursday, June 30, 2011

June Favorites!

So it's that time of the month.....No not that It's time for June Favorites!

This is my first time posting a favorites of the month, so I thought I get on the band wagon. Anyways here are my faves!

As you can see everything is beauty related.

Order from left to right.

*Swatches down below*

Origins VitaZing SPF 15 Energy-Boosting Moisturizer ~ This moisturizer is just what I was looking for this summer. I don't like to wear heavy foundation cause I'm afraid my face will fall off, so I'm loving that this is tinted. Just the right amount of tint too. Plus it has SPF 15, which is great! Most likely I wont turn into a You can see how tinted it is when I swatched it. (I applied it heavy for picture purposes)

Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew Anti-Dark-Circle Roller ~  This stuff ROCKS! I've been using this for about 3 months and I'm in love with it! It works just as good or even better than concealer. I find that once I apply this under my eye and I don't need to use under eye concealer. This makes my eyes seem brighter and more awake. It doesn't come in different shades so I don't know how this will work for darker skin tones. But none the less try it out and if it doesn't work for you, you can always return it! ^_^

New York Color Blushable Creme Stick in Pink Flash ~ I've been using this blush all this month and I get so many complement's. Everyone's always telling me that I'm glowing, and how pretty I look. It's such a pretty pink. I apply this with my Sigma SS109 contour brush.

L'oreal Lipstick in Fairest Nude ~ OMG this has got to be my favorite color of all. (well until I find another I've hear so many good reviews on this lipstick from blogs to makeup gurus on YouTube. I've been looking everywhere for this color, but every store that had it was all used and gross. (I just hate it when people open and touch the lipsticks!) Anyways it's such a pretty color as you can see form the swatch! I also get many complement's when wearing this lipstick. 

Maybeline Fit Me! Pressed Powder ~ I love using this on top of my Origins VitaZing. It ROCKS! It's just the right amount of coverage. I have this in 130 Buff Beige. The prefect match for me, but since I'm getting a bit darker from the sun this summer I was thinking of getting a shade darker. I'll wait for the sale! ^_~

Stila Sun Bronzing Powder ~ I've had this bronzer for a long time now. It seems to be the only bronzing powder I grab all the time. I have a few too. This one has always been the The shade is in 01. I also have this in shade 02. This bronzing powder has SPF 15.



Origins VitaZing

 Origins VitaZing (blended)
Garnier Circle Roller (right blended)
N.Y.C. Creme Blush in Pink Flash (right blended)
L'oreal Lipstick in Fairest Nude
Stila Sun in shade 01 (right blended)

You can find the Origins VitaZing here, also Stila Sun here. You can mostly find the other products at your local beauty or drug store!

Let's see what I have in store for next month! ^_~

What are your favorites of the month?


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