Saturday, February 4, 2012

Mini Haul ~ DEAL$

There's a store where I live (NY City) and it's called DEAL$. They have just about everything...well almost everything. Anyways I would like to share my very mini haul with you.

Take a closer look in my basket!

Two L.A. Colors Nail Art Deco Lacquers in Intense Pink & Gold Glitter. Can't wait to play with those! Both were a dollar each.

I actually got two things from Walgreen's. Suave Keratin Dry Shampoo. I really like the Suave Dry Shampoo more than the Tresemme Dry Shampoo. The Tresemme works but the smell is way too strong. Plus the Suave brand is much cheaper, it smells good and it doesn't leave me choking for air! The second item I bought from Walgreen's is Personna Eyebrow Shaper. I like to use these a lot.

 Heart Doilies. It comes with 16 pieces and it only cost me a dollar. I think this was super cute and it will come in handy for Valentine's Day desserts!

The basket that everything is in was also from Deals and also cost a dollar!

That's it for my mini haul. Have a great weekend!


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