Friday, March 15, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Ombre Nail Art + Video Tutorial

I know it's early but I wanted to say Happy St. Patrick's Day! Yes, I'm actually Irish. Well my dad is Irish and my mother is Puerto Rican. Let's just say I'm mixed with a whole bunch of Okay this is going in a different direction. Let's start over...

In tradition for this Sunday, I wanted to embrace my green side. By wearing it on my nails! So in the video; that will be linked below is an Ombre nail tutorial. I pretty much love anything and everything ombre. From my hair, clothes to my nails. It's very simple and easy to achieve ombre or you call it gradient nails. I really love the dark-to-light effect. On the ring finger I try to make a three leaf clover...Yeah I need more practice there! ^_~

Can't wait to try this again with other colors!


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