Tuesday, March 5, 2013

February Favorite's 2013 ♥

February was a pretty short month. I didn't have many favorites for last month but I still wanted to share what I've been using and loving the most in Feb. Some of the products I have been loving were also in my January Favorites 2013. I just can't seem to shake them off! ^^

Skin Care:

Simple Smoothing Eye Balm 
This eye balm has been really helpful for my tired eyes. I like that it de-puffs my eyes and keeps my delicate eye area smooth throughout the day. I like to use this eye balm in the mornings and at night.

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream
I've been using this cream for about a year now and love it! My skin has been extremely dry this winter and I find that this ultra repair cream helps. I like to apply this cream on my face area.

Carmex Lip Balm
You guys all know about carmex! It's great stuff for your lips. Just like my face, my lips have also been dry and chapped. I like that this lip balm is very soothing. I like to use my DIY lip scrub (I will do a post on that soon!) and then apply a layer of this baby. Works great!


theBalm Put a Lid on It Eye Primer (travel size)
I received this in my January Birchox 2013. I actually prefer this to my Urban Decay Primer Potion. I find a lot of the primers I have are not so good for my oily eye lids. So this one seems to work really well for me. Keeps my lids oil-free and shadow in place. This travel size tube has been holding up pretty well too.

Bare Minerals Well Rested
This mineral powder works so well along with my Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer. I like how it brightens up my dark circles and makes me look wide awake. 

Maybelline Great Lash Clear Mascara
I like to use this clear mascara to set my brows in place after I fill them in. It seems to do a really good job at keeping my brows tamed. I also like how the wand is small, so it's a prefect size for my brows.

Lorac Pro Palette
Do I even need to explain why this is a favorite?! I love that this palette has both matte and shimmer colors. Great combinations of beautiful neutral colors. I never used to love matte colors until I got the Naked palette. So I was happy when this one came out with more then two matte shades. I also like to use some of the matte brown colors to fill in my brows. 


Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat
You guys know how I love this stuff! This stuff saves my life, well my nails. I'm always messing up my nail polish, cause I'm always in a rush. So this stuff drys my nails super fast! Love it!

If you would like to watch my video on my February Favorites 2013 then click on the video below!

Let me know what your favorites are?


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